Fundraising for Challenge Cancer UK


Is your company thinking of linking with a national charity? What a great idea.

At Challenge Cancer UK, we firmly believe that corporate charity relationships should be mutually beneficial. That’s why we make sure that our corporate partnerships are not a one-way street, where companies give and we take. We are certain that your company can benefit greatly from a partnership with us.


As a Challenge Cancer UK corporate partner, you can promote your position as a socially responsible company within the community and environment. This will enhance your reputation with your employees as well as potential and current customers.


Challenge Cancer UK has a range of sponsorship opportunities to give your company the chance to raise your profile and promote your company brand. From cause related marketing partnerships linking your product to our brand to local event sponsorship opportunities, there are many ways we can work together to promote your support of our cause.

Involvement with a national charity like Challenge Cancer UK can create some great PR and marketing opportunities. Every time your employees take part in fundraising activities, there is a story to be told.

We can assist in the promotion of the Partnership through our links to local and national press and on our social media pages.


Your staff can support our work in a number of exciting ways. Whether in a “Charity of the Year” partnership or on an ad hoc basis, a partnership with Challenge Cancer UK will have something for everyone.

Fundraising with a group of colleagues or as a whole company can be an excellent way to improve staff morale and teamwork. Our partners tell us that our charity partnerships can encourage cross-team working, networking and relationship-building between colleagues and departments, enhancing internal communication.


Staff can give a donation to Challenge Cancer UK on a regular basis (usually monthly) through the payroll. This provides us with a consistent supply of funds. Did you know that a £20 a month donation would only cost you £16 if you’re a basic rate taxpayer.

If your company offer a match funding scheme, your £16 becomes £44 for Challenge Cancer UK. Not bad for a £4 per week donation. That’s the equivalent of giving up 1 cappuccino a week!


If you are interested in raising funds for Challenge Cancer UK in your workplace or you would like to discuss working in partnership with us, please get in touch.


Challenge Cancer UK. England & Wales registered charity number 1151867