Take a Journey to Conquer Cancer

Challenge Cancer UK’s aim is to help those affected by cancer.

We know that when a person receives the devastating news that they have cancer, they need help from that moment on. We also know that it isn’t only the patient that needs care and support. Often, a loved one, a family member, or even a colleague can require help or advice at such a difficult time.

In supporting those affected by cancer, we recognise that there is a cancer journey that most patients will travel. We believe it is vitally important to support that journey at its different stages and ultimately, through awareness and prevention, we want to stop that journey taking place!

How you can help

Every day on average 880 people find out that they have cancer in the UK. This is a shocking number. We are challenging you to help us stop people taking this cancer journey by completing, as a team, your own journey of 880 miles - Challenge 880.

You can cover the miles by cycling, running, swimming, rowing, walking, skipping, jumping.... it is up to you. You just need to work as a team to finish the journey.

How Challenge 880 works

Teams of up to 6 people have 1 month to complete the challenge of covering 880 miles. Each individual’s miles will be added to their team mates’ totals making a grand total covered. This works out at just under 5 miles each a day and it is absolutely fine if some members of the team do more and some less. You can cover the miles outside or in the gym and use as many different disciplines as you like, but it has to be under your own steam, so no motors! You can use free apps on your phone to keep track of your miles and we will provide an online Mile Counter so you can keep track of how many miles you have done so far, individually and as a team.

The second part of the challenge is to raise money for Challenge Cancer UK. We are asking teams to raise £880 per team and will provide a fundraising pack with everything you need to get you started.

Benefits to you and your company

This is a great opportunity for employees to get involved and support a cause which affects everyone. It promotes health and fitness but is structured so everyone can get involved – you don’t have to be the fittest person in the office to take part. Employees could cover some of their miles by cycling or walking to work, helping to promote Wellbeing among employees. It also encourages team work which can help build morale and motivation among staff.

There are also opportunities for positive PR both internally and externally. You could keep staff around the business up to date with the teams’ progress and post photos of staff taking part. You might want to have a competition for the most disciplines used by a team to cover their journey and most miles covered by an individual.

Next steps

If you would like your company to take part in the challenge then please contact Challenge Cancer UK at enquiries@challengecanceruk.org and we can provide everything you need to get started.

Challenge Cancer UK. England & Wales registered charity number 1151867