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Welcome to World Cancer Day

Welcome to World Cancer Day!

I say welcome, as I firmly believe that anything that highlights the fight we face, and the successes we achieve, should be recognised, and be there for all to see.

This morning’s news reported that 1 in 2 people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some stage in their lives – revised from 1 in 3 – is shocking, but tempered, for me, by the positive news that backs up that figure; it’s not inevitable – improving lifestyle etc. could have a major impact – reducing the risk from 50% to 30% (which is huge considering we’re talking hundreds of thousands of cases), and survival figures are rising!

Sean Duffy – Clinical Director for Cancer NHS England has said that there needs to be action on three fronts – better prevention; swifter diagnosis; and better treatment, care and aftercare (support) for all patients.

At Challenge Cancer UK, we support 4 of those 6 areas – ensuring your money goes where, and when, it is needed. In addition to funding vital research, we are proud to deliver our own awareness and prevention workshops, initially with some of our corporate supporters, again doing everything we can to help prevent this dreadful, and indiscriminate disease.

With your continued support, we pledge that we will never give up until this battle is won.

Let’s conquer cancer together.

conquer cancer together

 A guest blog by Mark Roberts, Challenge Cancer UK CEO.


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